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Thursday, June 24, 2010


3, 5, 9, 18, 23, 27, 34, 37, 45, 46, 49, 58, 60, 61, 68, 69, 70, 71, 77, 79, 81, 83, 89, 95, 96, 99, 102, 106, 111, 112




What a difference a day makes...
... Just random thoughts here as I'm working to catch some things up. The left-hand flyer was quite a tough mark this morning as the test carried into an extra day. Not that it wasn't yesterday, by any means, but it seemed to provide plenty of difficulty for this morning's dogs. 


This Seventh Test Finished at 6:30 p.m. Unfortunately, the last dog, #87, picked up.

More later with announcements and callbacks--have a good evening.

By my guesstimate count, which is very unofficial, approximately 11 dogs either ran around the water to get the bird or picked up. That could be plus or minus a few dogs but is just mentioned for your reading enjoyment. The blind definitely became more challenging as the wind velocity increased. There were also some pretty nice jobs before and during the wind hazard, may post a few of those numbers later. 

Will be looking for callbacks, which might be given soon and might be much later. Time will tell.

Tomorrow's Eighth Series Test will be a land quad on property of the Oregon Institute of Technology, which is just up the hill from Shiloh Inn, the Headquarters.



Down and Out...Pickup

For #76, Mark Medford and Mollie


#61 Needed to Work on it...
... From the Left Shore... Got the Bird

Here he slips into the first holding blind 


Bull is Almost Done...
as he is about to deliver his duck to handler Steve O'Connell and Judge Larry Morgan 


No Mystery This Time, Folks...
Ever been to a field trial and wondered what the judges wanted to see with regard to the blinds? Well, at this National and on this blind, these Judges have removed all doubt. See the photo of the second holding blind's sign.



Powering Up for the Blind...
Hoot and Chad Costa, #45...


John Thomas handles Chevy...
and is dialed in while his dog works toward the blind.




Note the Klamath Area Dust
... it seems to be some sort of volcanic ash in some areas and just plain dust in others, but it's been prevalent all week. So, to mention! In this photo, you see Kevin Savio kicking up a cloud as he takes a few steps to handle Caddy on this test.


First Casualty
...Pickup for #39, Drake and Michael Spalding 


Oatie gets ready to go...
... on this blind for handler Linda Erwin. (Dog #102) 


Down and Out...Pickup

For #76, Mark Medford and Mollie


#35 Had Some Difficulty...
...with the blind as the wind continues to pick up with stiff gusts at times


Wind is Picking Up and Creating Difficulty...
...for some dogs. Dog #22 had to work a little harder than some to get the bird.


A Few Words on this Blind
Because of the fact that this is a blind, with many performances in the "workmanlike" category, I won't be posting on most dogs, but rather just jobs that are very good or very poor. I am, however, taking lots of photos and working to catch those into the blog while continuing to import work to previous days.  


This test is taking about four to five minutes per dog
Thus far the work has been fairly workmanlike. A light but brisk wind is blowing steadily somewhat in at the line and somewhat crosswind while swirling around. Please see test description and drawing on REPORT. 


Note the Decoys and Instructions--

There are two decoys positioned about 20 yards from the mat and each aside the line to the blind. They have been nicknamed "Ole" and "Lena" and are so referenced in the holding blind test instructions. Please see the instructions; when "any" foot hits the mat the duck call and dry pops will ensue. That would mean dog or handler without prejudice. At least one handler has stated he hadn't brought his cell phone so he couldn't turn it off. 


First Dog Launched at 3:04 p.m.


First Running Dog is #89


Both Test Dogs Run--Demonstrate the Difficult Test
 Handlers view the test.


...in the form of a duck call preceding the dry pop. Here is a photo of the scene; the line is along the left shore. The hidden dry pop is enclosed in the fat mid-height bush considerably left of the pond and 3/4 distant from the line. 




Wrapping it up... Callbacks upcoming...


Just a few dogs left... in this test


The move to Test Seven ... 
will be relatively short but will take some execution to complete with all the vehicles that are on site. Upcoming test is a single water blind on this same ranch.


"Bo" Hayden, #96, leaves the line

But, don't let the time on the post fool you. We are currently up to #38. 



Dog Work...
Is pretty similar on this blind; that being said, some dogs are wide of the line and there is occasionally a bit of trouble at the end. Most dogs are doing the blind in reasonable fashion with a few really good jobs. 


From the Line to Bird Delivery...
Takes two and a half minutes on average. 


This Blind is going FAST... 
It's a single land blind. The line has been moved from where the marks were run to the road along the fence line behind the left flyer. Thus, the line is running through the old flyer fall and behind the left short retired. 


It's Heating Up, Folks...
Here, Hostess Chairman Robin Gulvin and Test Dog Handler Charlene Koeth confer just after Charlene and Lil run the land blind. 



Just a picture of a field for now but gives you some idea of the terrain on this land blind. 


CALLBACKS FOR TEST SIX and there are 44 dogs: 

 3, 5, 6, 8, 9, 13, 18, 20, 22, 23, 27, 34, 35, 37, 38, 39, 45, 46, 49, 50, 57, 58, 60, 61, 68, 69, 70, 71, 75, 76 (STARTS), 77, 79, 81, 83, 87, 89, 95, 96, 99, 102, 105, 106, 111, 112



This test is in the books...
...at 10:46 a.m. 

Workers immediately break down the test and begin setting up the next one.  


Handle for #38, Prime and Barb Howard...
on the long bird...this is the last dog to run this test.


Nice one for #37, Jeff Schuett and Nate
...on this test.


"If This Dog Does This Test... I'll ... Blankety-Blank Out to the Live Guns"... from Danny Farmer
And then, Charlie Hays and #35, Dancer went right on out there and did the test.

So... Come on', Danny! 


Handle for Larry Calvert... Now PICKUP--HEAT
Currently...On left-hand flyer... for Chance, #32

Yesterday, the Grounds Committee brought an oblong tub for water near the line. Many folks thought it might not be necessary. However, it was used frequently yesterday and just was utilized by Larry and Chance at a critical time. 


Mark Medford and Ace...
... #31, put the test in the bag.


Handle for Ethel--Now Double Handle--Now OUCH
Handle on short left retired and then handle on left flyer--and Ethel came in from the long retired without a bird
 Waiting in the last holding blind


Nice one for #27 
...Tyson and Alvin Hatcher

Here, he perches on a footstool as he watches the long retired 


Ouch--Double Handle
For #25, Suzan Caire and Tia ... "Too early this morning"


Coming in with the Bacon...
Is Chevy for John Thomas. 


Handle for Chad, #22...
after a hunt, a quick handle on the long retired bird from this side of the creek, which is, by the way, officially known as Fort Creek, as it runs through this ranch.


A Breeze is Now Stirring...
...and some handlers are hoping this increases their chances of success.


Second dog to do it without a handle this morning...
Is Number 20--Misty with Wayne Stupka. He came off the line with relief radiating from his "aura"...


Heartbreak Handle...
Shaq had a very long flyer rooster, which is the left-hand bird, and after nearly recovering it he established a hunt in the fall area and required a handle out to his bird.


Handle for Kimber 
...on the long retired. Kimber and Gary Zellner are number #18.


Pickup for Grady 
Reportedly this was requested by judges in mid-test as his hunt overlapped the left flyer and then picked up the rooster flyer after establishing a hunt on the left short retired. 


Pickup for Dash Fogg
and Lanier, #14--third dog to run.


Blue rounds them up nicely
Second dog to run.


"No Sense in Getting Nervous..."
Says Chad Baker, #15, as he and Grady wait in the third holding blind.


Handle for the first dog of the morning...
for Cutter. This was on the long retired bird. 


As the sun rises, #12 rounds up four birds
Cutter, #12, is hunting for his last bird as we "speak" ...



First running dog hits the mat at 7:32 a.m. 

Temperatures are balmy this morning as the day dawned in the mid-fifties and already is pushing sixty. Mosquitoes abound as the first dog takes over the field. Wind is practically nonexistent thus far.


At 7:14 a.m. guns have fired for this morning's test dog to officially kick off the remainder of test five. More soon--


To Our Sponsors



Alliant Powder

1. FC-AFC Ebonstar Gotta Zoom, LM
2. FC-AFC Bayou Teche Miah, LF
3. FC-AFC Rebel Ridges Whistlin' Dixie, LF
4. FC-AFC Miles' Hank The Duck Dog, LM
5. FC Howln Duck's Black Cadillac, LF
6. AFC Trumarc's Whistling Bird, LF
7. AFC Tiger's Mischief Rebel, LM
8. Tenspot, LM
9. FC-AFC Mercy Mercy Mercy Me, LF
10. FC Jazztime Empty Wallet, LM
11. AFC Twinbranch Pilgrim's Pride, LM
12. NAFC-FC Hawkeye's Coast Guard, LM
13. AFC Carbons Blue Pursuit, LM
14. AFC Ida Red's Atalanta Challenge MH, GF
15. FC-AFC Cody Cut A Lean Grade, LM
16. Bro's Counterfeit Folly, GF
17. FC-AFC Taylorlab Calumet's Big Blue, LM
18. AFC Kimber VIII, LF
19. FC-AFC Wood River's Franchise, LM
20. AFC WRS Bugs Black Mist, LF
21. AFC Raymarc's National Aspirations, LM
22. FC-AFC Jazztime Hanging Chad, LM
23. FC-AFC Just Add Water II, LM
24. Citori's No Holds Barred, LF
25. FC-AFC Bayou-Star Beyond Independent, LF
26. AFC Whisp Of Carbon, LF
27. Sureshot's TKO, LM
28. FC-AFC Vinwood's Don't Look Ethel, LF
29. FC-AFC Otter Creek's TLK of the TWN, LM
30. FC-AFC Nebo's Grandma Ruby, LF
31. AFC Dominator's High Spade, LM
32. FC-AFC-CFC-CAFC Jazztime Last Chance v Pekisko, LM
33. FC-AFC Marauders Aviator, LM
34. FC-AFC Eva-Ethyl Proby-Weber, LF
35. Watermark's Shadow Dancer, LF
36. AFC Tippecanoes Riverwalk Grunt, LM
37. FC-AFC TNT's Det-A-Nator, LM
38. FC-AFC Tartan Prime Time, LM
39. FC Way-Da-Go Call Of The Wild, LM
40. Sara's Blue Streak, LM
41. Star Spangled Girl II MH, LF
42. FC Candlewood's Rammin Catcher, LF
43. FC-AFC Sandhills Game Over, LM
44. AFC Black Magic's Woody Too, LM
45. Hoot N Holler, LM
46. FC-AFC Wild Chase for Blue, LM
47. FC-AFC Wolf Creek CR Skeeter, LM
48. AFC Shadowpines Chabasco, LM
49. FC-AFC Land Ahoy, LM
50. Hilltop's High Society, LF
51. FC-AFC Landover's Right On Target, LM
52. FC-AFC Northern Dancer II, LM
53. Longshot Striker, LF
54. FC-AFC Robb's Mia Hambone, LF
55. FC-AFC CJ's Mister T, LM
56. FC Delpond's Pink Champagne, LF
57. FC-AFC Watuaga's Bull Gator, LM
58. FC-AFC Fat City Pacer, LM
59. AFC Calumet's Mein Soupster, LM
60. FC-AFC Coolwaters Hurricane Alley, LF
61. FC-AFC Fourleaf's Ice Breaker, LM
62. Lanes Lets Get Ready To Rumble, LM
63. FC-AFC Lil Mac's Black River Rabbit MH, LF
64. DC-AFC Genny's Yakity Yak Don't Talk Back MH, CF
65. Q-P's Wiretap, LF
66. FC-AFC Talkeetna River Teak MH, LM
67. FC-AFC Hanna's Eye Of The Tiger, LF
68. FC-AFC Freeridin Smooth Operator, LF
69. AFC Wing Magic's Louisiana Roux MH, LM
70. FC-AFC Joey's Zoom Zoom, LM
71. FC-AFC Trumarc's Stormin Norman II, LM
72. Lucky If He Makes It, LM
73. FC-AFC Volwood's Big Ol' Rex, LM
74. FC-AFC Bayou Bays Bodago, LM
75. FC-AFC Wildwings Girl's Best Friend, LF
76. AFC Tequilla's Hot Tamale, LF
77. FC-AFC Small Craft Advisory, LM
78. AFC Glen Lake Black Kirsty MH, LF
79. FC-AFC Freeridin Vampire Slayer, LF
80. AFC Contrails Bird Strike MH, LF
81. FC-AFC Dixie City Jam II, LM
82. AFC Haney Hill Trapper, LM
83. FC-AFC Rebel Ridge's Devils Luck MH, LF
84. AFC Citori's Vista 40th Pres, LF
85. Dreamer's Diamond Solitaire, LF
86. Foxfires Lakoda Warrior, LM
87. FC-AFC Pure Labs Skys The Limit, LM
88. FC-AFC Lacy's Lucky Ladd, LM
89. FC-AFC Volwood's Angel, LF
90. Huntersbest Sapphire Jubilee, LF
91. AFC Freeridin Maserati, LM
92. Un Petit Peu Canaille, LF
93. Valley Home No Fear, LM
94. AFC World Famous Rosa Barks, LF
95. AFC Buck N Hi Buttons, LF
96. FC-AFC My Name Is Bocephus, LM
97. Waquoit Bay's Lone Arranger, LM
98. Chances R On The Road Again, LF
99. FC-AFC Citori's Accept No Substitute, LF
100. AFC Go Margo, LF
101. AFC Savvy Sailor, LM
102. AFC Suncrest Wild Oats, LM
103. FC-AFC Wine Glass Lucky Strike, LM
104. AFC Rockliffs Dakota Wrangler, LM
105. FC-AFC Trumarc's L'il Ms Pogo, LF
106. NFC-AFC Candlewood's Something Royal, LF
107. AFC Dotty's Cruisen Mach-Three, LM
108. AFC Hunter Runs BooBoo, LM
109. FC-AFC Great Bunns Of Fire, LF
110. FC-AFC Lake Country Sunshine, LM
111. FC-AFC Iron Lines Honcha, LF
112. FC-AFC Drove My Chevy To The Levee, LM